Research themes

In today’s globalized world leading countries of the world give a proper assessment of the benefits of tourism development.

Tourism contributes to employment, diversify the economy because of tourism and resorts linked to the work of more than 50 industries, promotes innovative national economy.

Tourism contributes to the preservation and development of cultural potential, leading to harmonize relations between countries and peoples, conservation of ecologically safe environment. In addition, tourism is one of the factors of implementing foreign policy.

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the share of tourism in world GDP is about 10%, and the share of international tourism accounts for 6% of total world exports and about 30% of world exports of services every 11 workers in the world account for the tourism industry .

It is predicted that by 2030 the number of international tourist visits will increase to 1.8 billion tourists.

According to UNWTO in 2014 traveled to Europe 582 million. Tourists, their losses amounted to 509 billion. US dollars. Ukraine, as a country at the center of Europe and Odessa region as a region has all conditions for proper economic development through tourism.

Therefore researches of TBR department based on the search for ways of solving problems related to regional tourism development in conditions of globalization changes and the introduction of innovations and innovations in the tourism industry.

The main scientific directions of the department:

– Prospects for the development of tourism in the Odessa region;

– Strategy development of wine tourism in Ukraine;

– Gastronomic tourism development strategy in Ukraine;

– The development of regional tourism south of Ukraine;

– Modern trends of Spa & Wellness industry in Ukraine;

– Competitiveness of tourism facilities;

– Safety in tourism.

Given the scientific achievements and experience of teachers, continuing the fruitful work on laying the foundations of scientific school on problems of innovative development of regional tourism and security of tourism.

Teachers of the department published textbooks:

– “Information technology in the hospitality industry”;

– “Travel studies” (two editions);

– “Art management”.

– “Design objects hotel-restaurant business,” monograph:

– “Odyssey cruise”

– “European sea cruise “

– «State of the art in bread production»,

– «Preparation procedures of traditional foods of the Black Sea countries».

The work on the preparation of 2 collective copyright books.

Faculty are actively involved in scientific and methodological conferences taking place both in the academy and beyond (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland).

Faculty participate in meetings held by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council and members of the work groups for preparation of the Program of Tourism and Resorts of Odessa region, other regional and national programs.