Tourism today is the second world income after petroleum industry. This kind of enchanting, multi-faceted! Ukraine in 2015 attracted more than 25 million. Tourists and Odessa region of more than 5 million.

To serve this number of tourists should be pretty top notch staff. That tourism business professionals to prepare department of tourism and recreation.

An important role in the learning process takes practice. It is thanks to her students can deepen the actual knowledge acquired during lectures, seminars, laboratory work, gain practical experience.

The department cooperates with many museums of Odessa, travel companies “L-tur Odessa,” “The first travel agency”, “Adikom” and others.

Signed agreements on international practice of passing students with companies MOUZENIDIS (Greece), TEZ TOUR and ANEX TOUR (Turkey), FEFU (France).

During practice students visited such countries as the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Belarus.

The department lectures practiced professionals of the tourism industry. Before students are the president of the Odessa Association of Tour Operators and Agencies A. Grabowski, director of “L-tur Odessa” Voloshin L., directors of museums, hotels and catering.

Students under the supervision of the conduct curatorial tours for groups and visitors to the academy in the city of Odessa and the region.