Tourism is not only a trip to our native land and the vast expanses of the universe, acquaintance with the culture and traditions of their people and the way of life of other peoples of the planet Earth!

Tourism is the most enchanting, interesting and unique sphere of socio-economic activity!

Tourism is probably one of the few areas of public life that everyone faces in one way or another. But to love to travel is one thing, and to be an expert in the field of tourism is quite another!

If you are ready to learn professionally, qualitatively and professionally to give people the joy of travel, meeting the new and unusual, to be able to take responsibility, constantly learn about the world and self-improvement, then this profession is for you!

And the Department of Tourism Business and Recreation of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies will help make your dream come true!

We should be chosen because:

  1. The department employs highly trained scientists and teachers.
    2. Students are the only family that strives for education and upbringing.
    3. We have the best practice for students abroad and in Ukraine.
    4. We know how to teach, educate and pass on our knowledge to the younger generation.